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The Moroccan Ministry of Culture and Communication has announced that Egypt has been named the Guest of Honour at the 24th edition of the Casablanca International Book Fair, scheduled to take place from February 8 to 18. This is in recognition of the country’s outstanding contributions to enriching the Arab cultural scene on the global arena.

The 11-day event will include a number of lectures and seminars dealing with cultural, political and social topics such as the history of Moroccan-Egyptian relations, an autobiography of the late writer Gamal El Ghitani. Other topics covered will include highlighting the characteristics of the novel-writing experience in Egypt and Morocco, and research on Egyptian short stories.

The fair will see the participation of a stellar galaxy of Egyptian authors, literati and researchers, including Anwar Moghith, Mohammed Afifi, Mona Suleiman, Mohammed El Badawi, Tareq Maher, Hala El Badri, Sharif Bakr, Fareed Abu Saada, Zine Zine Al Abedine Fouad, Salah Hilal, Walid Ala Eldine, Balsam Masoud, Mahmoud El Ghitani and Amir El Omary.