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Duchess of Cornwall Camilla will share her choices of favourite books through a book club called the Duchess of Cornwall’s Reading Room, and will announce four new favourites on January 15th.

The book club has its own Instagram account, featuring an interview between Duchess of Cornwall Camilla and the artist Charlie Mackesy about his book, The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse.

The Duchess will continue to release new picks seasonally, and the account will feature conversations with the selected authors and other supplementary material.

Last year’s Covid-19 pandemic inspired Duchess of Cornwall Camilla to follow the footsteps of Barack Obama

and share her own book recommendations, releasing a list of her favourite books in April and another in August.

Over the last decade, Duchess of Cornwall Camilla established herself as the palace’s main book lover by working with seven different literacy charities and becoming a fixture at the annual ceremony for the Man Booker Prize, even during the pandemic.

Though her first lists contained books that were close to her own heart, including a memoir by her late brother, the explorer Mark Shand, Camilla’s new project is aiming for a broad audience.

“The duchess is hoping her Reading Room will encourage all ages and all levels of reader to pick up a book, and that it will spread awareness of the emotional, social and educational benefits of reading,” a palace source told the Mail earlier.

Camilla will be the first royal to launch a book club, and the online tie-ins will be an extension of her decision to use social media to open up to the British public during the coronavirus crisis.

“We have seen her in a much more informal setting and that has given people a chance to get to know her a little better,” a source who works with the duchess told Vanity Fair.

Book club account on Instagram: @duchessofcornwallsreadingroom

Source: Vanity Fair