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A brand-new delight for book lovers in Egypt and the larger Arab world, the Egyptian Dar Al Hilal publishing house has launched its first Ramadan book tent offering a comprehensive collection of books and magazines. Some of the items displayed include rare novels no longer available in the book market.

Standing adjacent to the El Sayeda Zeinab area of Cairo, the Ramadan book tent has already attracted hundreds of readers and collectors of old and rare publications. They are also being treated to special discounts on their purchases, with many books and magazines being sold for 4 Egyptian pounds (which is less than 1 dirham).

Established in 1892, Dar Al Hilal is one of the oldest press institutions in the Arab world. Over the course of its 125-year history, it has commissioned and brought to life thousands of quality literary, historical, religious and medical texts. They are also producers of several prestigious magazines, most notable the Al Hilal, whose first issue was released in September 1892. The Al Musawar, Al Kawakib and Samir are among some of their other magazine publications.