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Canadian publisher Deana Driver from DriverWorks Ink will introduce “Tunnels of Time” by Mary Harelkin Bishop to a whole new generation of readers to it.

In a partnership between DriverWorks Ink, SaskBooks and Bishop herself, a reprinted and updated edition of the young adult novel set in Moose Jaw’s city infamous tunnels is hot off the presses this week and ready to release during Saskatchewan Book Publishing Week from Sept. 28 to Oct. 2.

“We’re looking forward to introducing this book to a whole new generation of young people and educators who have not heard of it before,” said Driver.

Tunnels of Time was originally published in 2000 by the forner Coteau Books in Regina, Canada, and it instantly became a bestseller for the prairie publisher.

The time-travel novel was so popular that Bishop turned it into a series of five books following pre-teen heroine Andrea and her adventures in Moose Jaw’s illustrious past, which have remained very popular over the years since they were originally published.

The new edition of the novel will tell the same beloved story as the original version, but with a few new inclusions to both celebrate the book’s 20th anniversary and also bring “Tunnels of Time” into 2020.

Driver and Bishop have updated parts of the novel to better reflect new information about the history of the tunnels and the prohibition era in Moose Jaw, in light of new research done since 2000 — including a documentary interviewing Al Capone’s great-niece talking about how important Moose Jaw was to his business.

The 2020 edition of “Tunnels of Time” also boasts a new cover and illustrations throughout the novel.

“Part of the reason we republished is because this book is still relevant. It’s a wonderful children’s story based on events that actually happened in Moose Jaw, in the days of Al Capone,” said Driver. “The book is super popular across Canada and we knew that we could not allow it to go out of print”.

The new edition is also available as an eBook, for download where eBooks are available.

Source: Moose Jaw Today