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online sales of US Books increase by 5.6% 

According to Bookstat, online sales of print books, ebooks, and audiobooks grew 5.6% to $12.13 billion in 2022.

A total of 93% of ebook sales, 95% of audiobook sales, and 93% of print book sales are covered by Bookstat, which includes real-time data from Amazon, Apple, and Barnes & Noble.

Compared to 2021, audiobook sales grew 22% to $3.04 billion in 2022. The sale of ebooks increased 6% to $2.57 billion, while the sale of online print dropped 0.6% to $6.52 billion.

In terms of units sold, ebooks accounted for 526 million titles, an increase of 8%. In 2022, self-published titles accounted for 51% of ebook unit sales and 34% of ebook revenue. Approximately $874 million was generated in ebook sales by self-published titles in 2022.