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Since his retirement, Bill Gates, Former CEO of Microsoft, has made a significant impact on the world of social media, with 35 million followers on Twitter, 19 million likes on Facebook and 7.7 million followers on LinkedIn. Understandably, to have a book endorsed by Gates is not an easy task, but apparently not completely impossible. The multi-billionaire, visionary and philanthropist is an avid reader and often refers to books that have made an impression on him throughout the year.

To illustrate the power of endorsement, Gates recently tweeted about his childhood and gave advice on the social challenges that could face anyone, where ever they may be and whatever their circumstances, stressing the importance of acts of charity and selflessness.

Having been inspired by ‘The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined’, by Harvard psychology professor Steven Pinker, published in 2011, Gates advised new college graduates to read the book and said: “If I could give you all a gift, it would be this – the most inspiring book I’ve ever read.”

This simple 92 character tweet caused a 6,000% sale increase on Amazon website in one day, underlining the marketing mantra to never underestimate the power of promotion.