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The obsession of writing novels has preoccupied the minds of several former presidents. Publishers Alfred A. Knopf and Little and Hachette have recently announced that former US President, Bill Clinton, is writing his first novel, which is set to hit bookstores by June 2018. American Novelist James Patterson is co-authoring the book.

Titled The President is Missing, the novel will be discussing how work goes on behind-the-scenes in the White House, based on Clinton’s insider insights. In this new political thriller, he blends history, politics and power, and spices it all up fictional innuendos.

Of the three books that Clinton has published, this is his first novel. The former President of the US from 1993-2001, has published ‘My Life’, ‘Giving’ and ‘Back to Work’. Bill Clinton received a USD 16-million-fee for writing ‘My Life’, which sold more than two million copies in the USA.