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BHP transforming the publishing industry with a 90-day strategy

 Founded by Andréa Albright, the Media Disruptor, Beverly Hills Publishing takes your story from book to multi-media production, creating the next revolution for authors and helping the publishing industry evolve.

 The Beverly Hills Publishing company is known for working exclusively with authors who know their books are more than just books. The book you write is your legacy! CEOs and entrepreneurs who are disrupting their industries make up this group of leaders. Within a 90-day period, Beverly Hills Publishing provides a 360-degree publishing experience with ghostwriters, multi-media marketing, design, and distribution.

 Beverly Hills Publishing was created in a bunk bed by Andréa Albright, dubbed “The Media Disruptor.” Despite many odds, she rose to the top of the fitness and health industries, wrote 25 books, and impacted millions of lives while serving as the illumination of thought leaders around the world.

 Beverly Hills Publishing is already making its mark as a premier High-End Luxury Book publishing and media company in the corporate world by publishing books for; Paul Fiore – an Entrepreneur and C.E.O. Next Edge Crypto, Marco Soriano IV – a Philanthropist, Chairman & C.E.O. at the Soriano Group Family Office, Holly Williams, The Hidden Investment Expert, Don Owens – C.E.O. of H.N.O. Green Fuels, Marvin Epstein – Founder and President of the Private Equity Firm I.A.T. Capital and Harvey Castro, MD – Medical Doctor, Entrepreneur, and Founder of Trusted Medical, to name a few.

 In the current year, Beverly Hills Publishing has added a focus on publishing today’s biggest celebrities’ stories to its repertoire. Leading this new celebrity book division, Beverly Hills Publishing will be partnering with Moniece Slaughter to release the anticipated book Mayhem: A Mental Health Memoir set for January 2023.