Average Time Arabs Spend Reading is 35 Hours per Year

Average Time Arabs Spend Reading is 35 Hours per Year

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Results from the Arab Reading Index survey, which was carried out by the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation in Dubai and which analysed the reading habits of 148,000 people from across the Arab world, indicated that the average time an Arab individual spends reading is 35 hours a year.


The foundation stressed that the results of the survey showed that the average number of books read yearly in Arab countries is 16; with seven of this number being read in school or at the workplace and nine outside of these educational and professional arenas. The average number of Arabic books from the total of 16 read per year amounted to 11, with the remaining seven being non-Arabic titles.

The Arab Reading Index survey indicated that the average number of hours spent reading by Arab individuals is 35 hours a year, with the breakdown being 15 hours within school or work and 20 hours outside. The survey found that 16 hours of the 35 were spent reading printed books and 19 hours were spent reading e-books each year.

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