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Outer Space Survival Story: A Aot Property for Frankfurt

A blockbuster survival story and love story set in space shaped up as one of the hottest properties at October’s Frankfurt Book Fair (11-15 October). UK publisher Sphere bought world rights (excluding US and Canada) to Across the Void, an ambitious, sci-fi crossover novel by SK Vaughn, the pseudonym for a Hollywood writer and director who has worked for big studios, including Paramount, Sony, Fox and Lionsgate. The plot concerns May Knox, extrovert astronaut and only survivor of a catastrophic accident that has killed her whole crew and left her ship drifting helplessly in the void. There is only...

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Meeting a Wikipedian..A New Encyclopedia?

Building a Universal Encyclopedia of Information The Frankfurt Book Fair is regarded by many as the most important event on the annual calendar of the publishing industry. The five-day annual event brings together top industry leaders and professionals from around the world to take part in its massive array of activities. Among the global brands participating was Wikipedia. What would it offer for the Frankfurt fair and what it would add to the audience? Nasher put these questions to Ronald Stynritt, a supervisor of the Wikipedia stand at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Why does Wikipedia participate in a book...

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The Story of Mr. Sommer Translated to Arabic by Publisher in Baghdad

Dar Al Mada Publishing in Baghdad has recently released 80-page novella, The Story of Mr Sommer (Die Geschichte von Herrn Sommer), written by renowned German author Patrick Süskind in Arabic. It has been translated by Syrian critic, Nabeel Al Haffar. The work is considered one of the author’s best short literary titles, who gained popularity in the Arab world through his novel, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (Das Parfum), which was published in 1985 in Germany and topped sales for nine years, before being adapted to the screen in 2006. The novel was published in Arabic by Al...

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Publishing for the Children of Sudan… Readers vs Regime

Khartoum, Yasser Fayez   In 1994, the publication of the boys’ magazine Al Sybian became another victim in a string of children’s publications in Sudan to be suspended, despite its establishment nearly 50 years earlier by Bakht Al Ruda Institute, the official entity designated to educational curricula in Sudan. From 1947 to the first decade of the 21st century, 33 children’s magazines in Sudan were suspended, including Al Baheth Al Sagheer (Young Researcher), Shleel (Stream), Sabah (Mourning) and Al Waha (The Oasis), after state funding was withdrawn for children’s magazines, which could not survive without government support. The rates...

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Is it Fair for Publishers to Balance Books and Ethics?

Tunis, Shawqi bin Hassan,   There are some political events that seem like black holes from which nothing can escape. They receive the majority of media exposure and coverage for a considerable period of time, sometimes to the extent that anything else that happens attracts little attention. A classic example of this is large-scale events such as wars, revolutions, coups d’état and terrorist operations. Over many years, the Arab world has been through severe turbulence and turmoil, including the relatively recent civil unrest in Tunisia in 2011 and the riots that followed in Egypt, Libya, Yemen and of course...

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