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Rhonda Byrne, the famed author of ‘The Secret‘ is coming out with a new book in November. Titled The Greatest Secret, it will be published by Thorsons in the UK and across all HarperCollins locations in India, Australia, Canada among other places.

“I’m excited and honored to share the discoveries of my new book with readers around the world. With every step you take through this book, you will become happier and your life will become more effortless, fears and uncertainty of the future will no longer plague you, anxiety and stress about your daily struggles or world events will dissolve, and you can and will be free of every form of suffering,” Byrne said.

The book explores the author’s own journey, provides a way out for those enduring hardships as well as reassures of a future.

“Fourteen years after the publication of her first book, I’m thrilled to publish Rhonda’s masterwork, The Greatest Secret. After showing us how to create anything we want to be, do, or have, this new book reveals the most profound discovery we can make about ourselves, showing us the way out of negativity, problems, and hurdles and how to reach lasting happiness and bliss,” Judith Curr, President and Publisher of HarperOne Group said.

“In an unfathomably challenging year for many, this book will enable people to take back control of their lives in the face of uncertainty. We may not be able to change the events that confront and surround us, but Rhonda teaches us to change the way that we feel about them. The Greatest Secret will be a publication of global and historical significance,” Katya Shipster, Publishing Director, Thorsons, HarperCollins UK said.

Source: The Indian Express