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The launch of Makhtoota 5229 by Emirati writer, novelist and publisher Noura Al Noman coincided with the UAE Year of Reading 2016, and became the first UAE-based publishing house solely dedicated to the production of titles on science fiction, historical myths, horror and fantasy. According to Noman, this step aims to help fill the gap that exists in these genres Arabic literature, all areas of great interest among adolescents and young people worldwide.

In an interview with TV host Cabaye Latif during the ‘Paris Nights’ programme aired on Radio Monte Carlo international, Al Noman observed that sci-fi has always played a big role in stimulating young minds and encouraging innovation – some of which have even turned into big inventions that have benefited humanity.

The winner of the Etisalat Award for Arabic Children’s Literature for ‘Best Young Adult Book’ in 2013 for her debut novel Ajwan, Noman pointed out that most science fiction is based on scientific facts, and thus encourages critical and analytical thinking in young people.

Noura Al Noman is the first Emirati author and novelist who writes works of science fiction. The talented author has written many books for children, including Qutta Qutna, Kunfuth Kiwi and Shamsa Wal Sushi.