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The Arab Institute for Research and Publishing has announced the release of books that won the 2017-2018 Ibn Battuta Awards for Travel Literature, organised by the Arabian Centre for Geographical Literature as part of Al Suwaidi Cultural Centre in Abu Dhabi.

The books include ‘The Grand Nasiriya Journey 1782’ written by Moroccan Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Nasiri and researched by Dr. Al Mahdi Al Ghali, and ‘Moroccan Pilgrim’s Journey in Time’ by Moroccan author Idris Bin Mohammed Bin Idris Al Juaidi Al Salwi, and researcher Ezz Al Maghreb Ma’nino.

Other publications include ‘From Morocco to Hijaz through Europe 1857’ authored by Moroccan writer Mohammed Al Ghighaei Al Wariki and researched by Dr Sulaiman Al Qurashi; ‘Beautiful Mystery Dish – Days in Lebanon’ by Abdullah Siddique; ‘The Andalusian Journey’ by Dr. Ahmed Bu Ghala; ‘Morocco and the West-Cross Views’ by Dr. Zakir Abdul Nabi; ‘From Damascus to Chicago – Abi Khalil Al Qabbani’s Journey to America 1893’ by Syrian writer and researcher Tayseer Khalaf; ‘Around the World in a Suitcase’ by Egyptian writer Amir Al Omari; and ‘Biography of Ahmed Ibn Qasim Al Hajari (Afoukay) Al Andalusi’ by Dr. Rasha Al Khatib.