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Mark Manson advised thousands of young visitors of 38th Sharjah International Book Fair, to get out of “comfort zone” as soon as possible and choose right challenges for them, eventually, they would feel that they deserve to suffer when reap benefits.

At a seminar titled “Art of Indifference: New Definition of Success Foundations” Manson said that through his book,” Art of Indifference: Living a Life that Contradicts Familiar”, he aimed at redefining concepts such as “self-help” and “self-development”. Such concepts, in fact, do not solve any problem, but delude them that “they are solving their problems.”

“All self-help books come with attractive headlines” he added; such as “Do this and you will be happy”, ignoring fact that if you have a bad definition of success, there will be no importance or value to any steps to follow and succeed in your life.

Manson found out that from the beginning of his way, reading books on self-help and self-development, he realized that they offer nothing but illusions. Such facts inspired Manson to write his first book, against writings of “self-help” and “self-development”, and publish a book in self-help about pain, suffering and challenges; since they make the succeeded man, not few steps for a happy life.

The writer criticized those, who give young people tips, such as “Be happy and chase your dream and follow your passion”, stressing that man must overcome his obsession with perfection, and focus on the skills he possesses and develop.

Manson said he always challenged himself not to repeat them, revealing that many of those who loved his first book did not like the second, because it gave them something new other than what they loved, where they put themselves in “comfort zone.”