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In line with its role to introduce the most innovative and outstanding Arabic works among English readers around the world, the publishing section of the American University in Cairo has announced the imminent release of the English version of ‘Malim Al Akbar’ (Malim the Great), a novel by Egyptian writer Adel Kamel published by Dar Al Karma publishing house.

The translation of Malim the Great comes as part of the ‘Modern Arabic Literary Classics Project’ carried out by the university to offer English speakers an insight into Arabic literature, in particular works from Egypt. The project focuses on translating award-winning and influential works.

The eponymously titled Malim the Great depicts a man called Malim who tries to find an honourable profession away from his drug-dealing father. However, his dreams of change and his desire to rebel against reality leads him to embrace different ways to deceive and swindle people. He finally finds himself behind bars after having failed to achieve his ambitions.