American Schools Ban Novels by Mark Twain and Harper Lee

American Schools Ban Novels by Mark Twain and Harper Lee

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Accomack County in the state of Virginia has suspended teaching two of American literature’s most revered novels. Pulitzer Prize winner, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee and ‘The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’ by Mark Twain will be removed from the curriculum in all county schools, after a student’s mother complained about the use of racist language.

After reviewing the books, the Guardian Newspaper confirmed that there are more than 250 offensive racist epithets that should not be highlighted in children’s books, such as the ‘n-word’ which is described as offensive and humiliating.

Although Twain’s novel was published in the middle of the last century, and Lee’s novel was published more than 50 years ago, many argue that the use of racist language is still unacceptable in today’s society. However, advocates of the novels say that they depict an important and honest phase of American history which should not be hidden because of modern sensitivities.

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