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Following the remarkable uptake of Alessandro Baricco’s two bestsellers Silk and Ocean Sea in the Arab World, Al Mutawassit, a cultural association established in Milan by a group of Arab and Italian intellectuals, recently published the Arabic version of the famous Italian writer’s novel City, translated by Kassed Mohammed, professor of Arabic Language and Literature, University of Bologna, Italy.

City is seen to be one of the most important modern Italian literary works. Famous critic, Alfred Hickling, has likened the work to novels by Julian Barnes, Douglas Adams and Umberto Eco. “Reading City became like a sacred ritual in Italy,” he said.

City narrates three intertwined stories about Gould, a genius boy who was abandoned by his parents and lives with Shatzy Shell, the housekeeper and his two imaginary friends: Diesel, a giant (who does not fit in a car), and Poomerang, a mute. Gould and Shatzy go on fascinating imaginary journeys in which their stories pay out on streets, neighborhoods and cities.