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As part of its ongoing series of live virtual webinars, the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair hosted a seminar last week entitled, “Audio and Electronic Publishing: Alternative Platforms”, to discuss the challenges, current reality and future of the publishing sector.

The seminar attracted more than 30 publishers and experts from the publishing sector, with notable participants including Saleh Chebaro (Beirut), Founder and Director of online bookstore, and Ali Abd El Moneim (Cairo), Director of Publishing Sector at Storytel Arabia, Board Member of the Egyptian Publishers Association and Chairman of the Professional Development and Electronic Publishing Committee.

The seminar examined topics, including the role of grants to publishers in stimulating the publishing sector, highlighting Abu Dhabi International Book Fair’s Spotlight on Rights initiative, which aims to encourage the production of audiobooks and eBooks, as well as the translation of content from and to Arabic through its three categories of grants to publishers and translators.

Participants had the opportunity to explore themes, such as audio and electronic publishing in light of current technological advancements, the impact of distribution with regards to the challenges facing the print publishing industry, and the challenges related to the future of print, in light of the rising popularity of audio books, eBooks and digital platforms.

The session also looked at European and American perspectives, and the vital role played by Arab publishers in these markets. Mohamed Rashad, President of the Arab Publishers Association, addressed publishers’ concerns about the limitations of publishing platforms.

Through its various initiatives, the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair seeks to support publishers by promoting audio and electronic content, as well as supporting content translated to and from Arabic, and to protect intellectual property through a campaign highlighting copyright protections.

The submission deadline for this year’s Spotlight on Rights programme has been extended to 31st May 2020.