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The Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi, DCT Abu Dhabi, has confirmed that despite the decision to delay the staging of this year’s Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, the application period is now open for the fair’s Spotlight on Rights programme.

The annual programme supports and encourages the translation of content from and into Arabic, and the conversion of printed content into eBooks and Audiobooks, by providing various grants.

“Despite the absence of a physical event this year, the decision to continue with the Spotlight on Rights programme stems from Abu Dhabi International Book Fair’s belief in the importance of supporting publishers, especially in light of the current circumstances. Industries around the world have been hard hit by measures taken to combat the global health crisis, especially the cultural sector” said Abdulla Majed Al Ali, Executive Director of the Dar Al Kutub Sector at DCT Abu Dhabi. “DCT Abu Dhabi is determined to continue supporting publishers, writers and translators, who inspire us and bring us joy. Culture is a healing force, and right now is playing a more important role in our society than ever, unifying us and fostering resilience in the face of hardship.”

DCT Abu Dhabi previously announced details of the terms and conditions related to the new e-Book and Audiobook categories recently added to the Spotlight on Rights programme. At a time when the electronic publishing sector is witnessing remarkable growth, and digital formats are gaining in popularity amongst readers, these new categories will greatly aid the promotion and dissemination of content, making it accessible to the widest possible audience. Spotlight on Rights grants range between US$1,000 and $2,000 for conversion into eBooks, and between $1,500 and $2,500 for audio conversion.

The call to receive applications is open from 15th April to 15th May, 2020 for all categories of the Spotlight on Rights programme. All applications will be considered and referred to the special committee for approval. To apply, participants need to fill out a form online available through the Spotlight on Rights page on the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair website ( and email it back to [email protected].

Launched in 2009, Spotlight on Rights has contributed through its translation grants to the publication of more than 600 titles across a variety of fields including children’s books, science, history and social sciences.

Translation Grants range between $2,500 for children’s books and $4,000 for all other genres. To date, more than 120 publishers have been awarded grants for the translation of literary books as well as adult and children’s books from French, German, Swedish and English languages, among others.