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Loss items in books show ‘glimpses of humanity’ in U.S. library exhibit

Libraries in California hold thousands of lost and forgotten items, including photographs, to-do lists, airplane tickets, and quirky drawings by children.

Post-it notes, cards, drawings, and bookmarks from the Oakland Public Library’s main downtown branch display cases are now part of a collection called “Found in a Library Book”.

Items found in returned books throughout the library system are sent to librarian Sharon McKellar, who began collecting items 10 years ago. Several days ago, she opened envelopes containing polaroid photos and post-it notes with a list of ingredients.

According to McKellar, who has worked at the library since 2003, he enjoys imagining where these items came from. I just feel like it’s an interesting archive of our community, of the city and the people who use our libraries, and just a glimpse at humanity and who we all are”.

Source: France 24