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The ‘1001 Titles’, is bringing together a host of Emirati and Arab artists, authors, and publishers to participate in a series of cultural and literary workshops and discussions as part of its ongoing mission to expand the community’s knowledge and intellectual experiences.

The range of literary and cultural activities, organised in both virtual and in-person formats by the ‘1001 Titles’ initiative, commenced earlier this year in April and will run until November 2021, and targets all members of the UAE community.

At the virtual session of ‘Skills and techniques for writing for adolescents’ on Tuesday, July 6, cultural expert Dr. Wafa Thabet Mezghani will highlight the history of literature and discuss the criteria for selecting suitable content according to age groups, in addition to explaining how to add elements of suspense for a more gripping read.

A five-day workshop, from Sunday, August 8 – Thursday, August 12, led by Kuwaiti novelist and short story writer Taleb Al-Refai will focus on ‘The art of creative writing’. The author will share his knowledge on creative writing and outline best practices to develop rich content that holds the interest of readers.

To coincide with the International Day of Translation on Thursday, September 30, Emirati publisher Dr. Alyazia Khalifa will conduct a virtual workshop titled ‘The basics of book translation’ to explore the unique characteristics of translation and the challenges facing this vital sector.

Publisher Mohamed Kandil will lead the virtual session titled ‘Book marketing’ on Monday, October 11, where he will share essential approaches in marketing and highlight ways to enhance knowledge of markets and prepare marketing strategies to gain competitive advantages that are vital for business continuity and development.

The ‘1001 Titles’ initiative will mark its final session in November, with the session titled ‘Authors and artists’ which will bring together a host of artists and authors to discuss avenues for collaboration on knowledge and expertise exchange to produce advanced works to enrich the knowledge of the new generations.

To register for upcoming workshops and sessions, please send an email to [email protected]; For additional information about the workshops, please visit the social media platforms of the initiative (@1001titles).